• Peering Request Thu 06/11/2015

    From fi.fy.fo@fi.fy.fo@gallaxial.com to alt.bbs.allsysop on Thu Jun 11 18:44:04 2015
    From Newsgroup: alt.bbs.allsysop

    Peering Request with access to GUP only
    We support 200- Groups usenet and we need
    a peering to exchange post


    Since------: 2006

    PATH-------: mccarragher.org
    INCOMING---: mccarragher.org
    OUTGOING---: mccarragher.org
    GROUPS-----: 160+ ALL TEXT
    BAN-GROUPS-: Access to Your GUP only
    BAN-SUBJECT: reject subject @spot.net
    BAN-HEADER-: reject header X-Received-Body-CRC
    FEED-------: Ihave,Batch news,Suckfeed,multinode
    Filter-----: Keyword,Script,Size (4k or less)
    Contact----: gallaxial@gmail.com
    Top1000----: Yes,Soon

    You can Handle My DYNAMIC IP (Fast Resolution)
    For incomming and outgoing
    -=Your G.U.P must be Enable and accessible !=-

    My G.U.P is Already Ajust to your request
    if Conserne Ask the LOGIN/PASSWORD
    http://mccarragher.org/cgi-bin/gupcgi.exe ----------------------------------------------------------

    --- Synchronet 3.17c-Linux NewsLink 1.110