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    I am a long-time BBS Sysop and fan (since the 70's & 80's) and now I offer Synchronet BBS hosting for $14/month, with first month free.

    I evaluated the various Linux BBS offerings and in my opinion Synchronet is the most actively updated and feature-rich BBS platform. Supports email, web interface, full support for native & DOS-based doors without needing extra plugins etc. If you are interested go to https://SynchronetBBS.org/HostSplash and check out and choose the "offline" payment method. If you use "offline" you will not have to supply any billing info and I will ask if you want to keep the server when the month is up. You can also choose a payment method other than "offline" and if you cancel before the month ends you will be charged nothing...

    Interested in working with you and hope to talk with you further! Be sure to check out our Synchronet doors at https://SynchronetBBS.org as well...


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