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    .:[What's this?...]:.

    Particles! BBS, celebrating 25 years of nerdiness! (1992-2017). [http://www.particles.org or telnet://particlesbbs.dyndns.org:6400]

    .:[Uh.. what?]:.

    We're an -active- BBS... you know, where people actually call and post? Some even play games! Some upload and download files! It's a wonderful thing.

    It's a BBS running Centipede on a Commodore 128D with message bases dedicated to old computer goodness.


    [+] 25,000+ files for the Commodore 64, Vic-20, 128, Plus/4 (NTSC/PAL), CP/M [+] Constantly expanding MOD files area
    [+] Large (100s of disk images) of GEOS/Wheels files
    [+] 1000s of NTSC Plus/4 files with more being converted all the time.
    [+] Over 120 file areas so far, still adding more
    [+] 80+ online games (Empire, Nuke'Em, tons more)
    [+] Lots of message bases with posts from some very interesting people.
    [+] Retro Usenet - Currently posts from 1989
    [+] A real Usenet feed. A first on a Commodore 128.

    .:[But I don't have a ...]:.

    It's okay! We're not a Commodore only board. Heck, many of our callers are on Atari STs, Amigas, Apples, TI99s and more.

    You don't even need to use a retrocomputer! Just hit the website for a telnet client to see what it's about.

    Runs PETSCII, ANSI, ASCII, 40 columns, 80 columns so connect with whatever you want.

    .:[You're seriously using a Commodore 128?]:.

    Running on a Commodore 128D w/1MB of RAM.
    Ports open at 38,400 so it flies. Ever seen an 8-bit transfer at 38.4K? Holy crap.
    This is done with the magic of a Swiftlink RS232 adapter.
    Punter, Multipunter, Ymodem, Xmodem xfers. Find one you like.
    4GB CMD SCSI drive running off a Compact Flash card using a SCSI to CF adapter. Fast. For 8-bit.

    You can find us at Facebook also as http://www.facebook.com/particlesbbs

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