• Sunrise Door Software Newsletter - April 2016

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    As a reminder, ALL Sunrise Door Software Home Edition and BBS Door
    products have been released as Freeware/Donationware. Everything you
    need to take advantage of the Freeware/Donationware products can be
    found here (http://sunrisedoors.com).

    A large collection of 16-Bit products that work on any BBS software
    platform capable of running Door programs. In addition, we have a
    product line of 32-Bit products made specifically for the WINServer BBS platform.

    If you are familiar with our BBS Door products and may not be running
    your BBS software any longer OR you have played our games on a BBS that
    is no longer in service, the PC-HOME EDITION products could be the
    answer as they play exactly as their BBS equivalents and they run on any Windows PC.

    We invite you to participate in our Sunrise International Competition
    using either our BBS Door (Interbbs) or Home Edition (InterHOME)
    products. Competition is the exchange of player score files between the
    BBS or Home Edition versions and our International HUB (Sunrise Door Software). This provides the competition your BBS may not currently
    provide OR enhances your existing competition and also allowing you to participate if you are running our PC-based Home Edition versions.. You
    can find information about Competition by visiting our Web site (http://sunrisedoors.com), choosing the COMPETITION
    tab on the main menu at top of any page and reviewing all menu options.

    We have added a list of products we use for our Web site as well as a
    list of Cloud storage products that we use for off-site storage. We
    recommend all of the products (we do not get any remunerations, aka: kickbacks) and they can be found here (http://sunrisedoors.com) !

    If you are, or know of someone that is, a BBS Products Author (Doors, BBS-related software) that has made the decision to no longer make their products available to the BBS community, please contact us via our
    support ticket system
    (http://sunrisedoors.com/supportticket.php). I would be more than happy
    to acquire the products and make them available under the same concept
    being used for the Sunrise Door Software products.

    If you have any questions about the contents of this Newsletter or our products, don't hesitate to contact us here (http://sunrisedoors.com/supportticket.php)
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